Exhibitions at Ajdovščina Underpass

Exhibitions at Ajdovščina Underpass

[Home at Arsenale: BIO 26 - Ajdovščina Underpass]

[Home at Arsenale] was initially created as the Slovenian pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. The present edition of the curated library at Ajdovščina Underpass is redesigned and reinstalled as a new site-specific wooden installation. It is reacting to the conditions of its new context, reusing the wood with visible patina from Venice and reviving its role as a temporary library with 250 books, sharing its knowledge during BIO 26. More >>

Scientific Misconduct: Who cures cancer in photoshop?

Even empiricism suffers through information flood, behavioral economics, all kinds of biases and thus misconduct. Scientific Misconduct maps the non-transparent and amorphous interplay of power-knowledge structures and shows the recent occurrences of fabrication and falsification in science. More >>

Reconstrained Futures: Speculative Design Education

As part of the SpeculativeEdu project funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program, the Reconstratined Future Exhibition presents a selection of student projects produced via a speculative design approach, dealing with (our) futures, from the microlocal futures to the global visions of tomorrow. More >>

Reflective Future

In the exhibition, the author Tanja Pađan presents her clothing collection which draws inspiration from various subculture street trends of the 1990s. The collection weaves together a grunge-style pajamas/dressing gown, garments in the sporty and relaxed hip-hop style as well as clothing inspired by the techno underground movement. It reflects the time of adolescence, the period between childhood and adulthood, the returning past, a journey through time. More >>

Green Refuge

The experiment with live plants in the Ajdovščina Underpass is going to serve as a training ground for the exchange of knowledge and experience for users who come from different backgrounds and learn best through different methods of knowledge acquisition. The use of verified and unverified information gives rise to questions of credibility, the verifiability of knowledge, and in the case of the Abandoned Plants Sanctuary (Zavetišče za zavržene rastline), also the ethical treatment of other co-existing species. More >>

Whole Queens Catalog

Whole Queens Catalog is a free publication commissioned to respond to the NYC STEW-MAP, a searchable database of stewardship organizations. Taking inspiration from the counterculture magazine and catalog Whole Earth, the publication is a freewheeling romp through communal knowledge, presented as editorials, recipes, anecdotes, compost constellations, and disaster survival tips as a means to introduce forms of communal care. More >>

Media fact-checking site & learning center Razkrinkavanje.si

Having access to quality, reliable information is essential for citizens to lead well-informed lives. In the modern-day flood of misinformation, the website razkrinkavanje.si seeks to find a reality which is as objective as possible. The authors will outline their methods for finding false, distorted or otherwise manipulated information. More >>

Statistically speaking - Exhibition at the 75th anniversary of the Statistical Office

It is proven that the celebration of birthdays is healthy. Statistics show that those people who celebrate the most birthdays become the oldest. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, SURS presents infographics showing interesting facts about Slovenia and its residents. More >>