Open call for BIO 26: Associated Projects extended until September 19th!

Open call for BIO 26: Associated Projects extended until September 19th!

The Museum of Architecture and Design, organizer of the 26th Biennial of Design (BIO 26) in Ljubljana, is extending the open call for entries for BIO 26 – Common Knowledge: ASSOCIATED PROJECTS, a program of parallel events that aims to give a broader view of issues addressed in COMMON KNOWLEDGE, a core biennial exhibition curated by Austrian design curator and cultural producer Thomas Geisler together with assistant curator Aline Lara Rezende. The best projects selected will have the opportunity to be presented at the main locations of BIO 26: Associated Projects—the Glass Atrium of Ljubljana Town Hall (Mestni trg 1) and the Ajdovščina Underpass.

The 26th Biennial of Design, BIO 26 – Common Knowledge, focuses on interrelations between the multidimensional information crisis and citizenship, and explores the role and potential of contemporary design in the shaping of knowledge and truth, and in the recalibration of our Infosphere. Working with content, structures, and stakeholders, the 26th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana hopes to find ways, unearth projects, and explore concepts and systems that can serve to turn this disruptive chaos in and of information into creative knowledge clusters. The notion of “common knowledge” relates and refers to what people know; more broadly, if refers to what people think and how they structure their ideas, feelings, and beliefs. Furthermore, the term “common knowledge” carries a sense of communal or shared knowledge.

Local and international designers, curators, creatives, educational institutions and cultural organizations are invited to take part in the ASSOCIATED PROJECTS program, which will accompany the biennial with a diverse program of events, exhibitions, lectures and other projects.

The ASSOCIATED PROJECTS program can feature individual or group presentations, new or established projects, exhibitions and events relating to a wide spectrum of activities in the field of design, more specifically related to the Biennial’s theme. We are looking for events that will connect the questions discussed by BIO 26 – Common Knowledge with local creative ecosystem and with general public. We are looking for projects in the intersection of art, culture, experiment, market and entrepreneurship that will establish a position in connection to the production of knowledge and the role of creativity in the society. The events and their locations will become points of convergence in Ljubljana, contributing to the creation of a rich and engaging program for the Biennial, which will take place from 14 November 2019–9 February 2020.

The committee consisting of BIO 26 and MAO curators as well as members of Centre for Creativity will choose the projects which will be shown as part of BIO 26 – Common Knowledge: Associated projects. The most important criteria in the selection process will be the project’s relevance to BIO 26 – Common Knowledge topics. Please describe in your project summary how your project relates to, confronts, questions, criticizes, supports or illustrates the main themes: information crisis and communal knowledge.


In order to participate it is necessary to submit the application form. Please send applications to – with the subject line BIO 26: ASSOCIATED PROJECTS_PROJECT NAME, with the following information collected in single PDF format (max. size 10 MB): 

  1. Name of the project
  2. Title of the applicant / project’s organizer
  3. Legal form of the organisation (enterprise, NGO, society, faculty, public institution, private institution)
  4. Applicant’s address
  5. VAT ID number or tax number (if the applicant is a legal entity)
  6. Applicant’s contact details – e-mail and phone
  7. Brief project summary in relevance to BIO 26 – Common Knowledge topic (max. 500 words)
  8. Project location (if known)
  9. Project duration (in time of BIO 26 – Common Knowledge)
  10. Photo material (included in the PDF document) or video (if available)
  11. References (short introduction of the organisation, link to the website)

Projects submitted to the BIO 26 – Common Knowledge: ASSOCIATED PROJECTS program should be entirely self-founded. The production, equipment, installing and dismantling of the proposed activities, required licensing or other organizational and financial requirements are the responsibility of the applicants. Museum of Architecture and Design can advise the applicants regarding locations, but is not responsible for finding a location for the applied projects.

Among the applied projects Centre for Creativity reserves the right to choose the projects to support. The chosen projects, co-produced with the Centre for Creativity, will be entitled to financial support in terms of exhibition space and event organisation, but not to the support with the potential production of works. The right to the support have legal entities or natural persons conducting business activity, but not natural persons. More about Centre for Creativity on

Museum of Architecture and Design, organizer of BIO 26 – Common Knowledge, will publish, promote and communicate said projects in the Biennial's Program and Exhibition Guide, on the BIO 26 website, in online newsletters for foreign and domestic media, and across wider public and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

September 19th 2019

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