13 November 2019 - 8 December 2019

The Random Machine

Glass Atrium of the City Hall
The Random Machine
Random Machines open door to a new form of information, to performative geometry, to poetic repetitions, to another beauty, to other knowledge. To a non-mathematical randomness. They do not depend on algorithms or functions of any kind. They are machines that act according to the context, their own energy, their limitations and physical possibilities, here and now. They can become Architecture, Design, Geometry, Art.

The exhibition presents drawings of Non-Representations made out of lines, which is an expression that avoids formal definition; the Line used as a tool for “drawing” abandons any intention to represent something. It becomes origin and end, cause and effect.

Carlos Campos has been designing, building, and operating Random Machines for the last ten years. Starting out with very simple battery toys, Campos and his students in Argentina, Germany, and Italy have generated fascinating Non-Representations. In this exhibition together with Campos’ personal work, we can find drawings from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, University Vanvitelli, Italy and DIA Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany.

Exhibition opening:
13 November 2019 at 17:00
Opening times:

Monday–Sunday: 8.00–20.00

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