Seed Journey

Seed Journey
Futurefarmers (United States)

Morse Message from Farmer, Johan Swård, 2016
Seed Journey Logbook, 2016
Seed Journey Map, 2018
Seed Journey Seed Stories, 2016,
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Seed Journey is a project dealing with reverse migration of seeds initiated by the artist collective Futurefarmers. Starting in 2016, they began sailing the RS-10 Christiania from Oslo to Istanbul with an alternating crew of artists, anthropologists, scientists, biologists, bakers, activists, farmers and others. During this journey, their goal is to collect information on grains and analyse the role they have played in society and agricultural practices. The ship ultimately turns into a vessel of wisdom, where historic knowledge about rare grains and ancient seeds is not only collected and discussed, but produce travels on the boat and is exchanged at various points along the route of the RS-10 Christiana. These stops are further used to engage with the local communities and share their findings in public programs, where, for instance, they bake bread together. Seed Journey is a year-long low-tech investigation into global warming and how to find possible solutions to counter it by making control and oversight of the means of production more accessible to the public.