Soil Procession

Soil Procession
Futurefarmers (United States)
Table reconstruction, declaration, video (00:05:01)

In 2012, the Flatbread Society was initiated by Futurefarmers as a long-term public art project in Norway. Since then, it has been collaborating with local people to establish common ideas for alternative uses of land. The society uses grain as the starting point for discussions on the interrelationship of food production and consumption by exchanging historical and scientific knowledge. In Soil Procession, Futurefarmers started a procession of farmers carrying soil collected from over fifty Norwegian farms through the city of Oslo to the Losæter site. The project turned into a participatory ceremony involving a diverse group of people such as farmers, city-dwellers, passers-by and artists, and as a result drew public attention to the processes behind urban farming and consumption.