Studio Formafantasma

Ore Streams

Ore Streams
Formafantasma, Ore Streams (Taxonomy, 01:05:58), 2018.
Studio Formafantasma (Netherlands)
Trailer (00:02:52), animation (00:25:02), video (01:05:57)

Ore Streams is an investigation into the recycling of electronic waste, developed by Studio Formafantasma over the course of three years. The project uses objects, video, and animation to tackle the topic of sustainability from diverse angles in order to offer a platform for reflection and analysis on the meaning of production. On a specially dedicated website, Studio Formafantasma presents a study on the current state of e-waste management. On this site, one can learn about the findings of their research outcomes and scan an archive of documents, videos, books, and articles that ultimately support their mission in demonstrating how design could be an important agent in developing a more responsible use of resources.