Studio Dankl


Photo credit: Korab
Studio Dankl (Austria)

Notebook, pen, watch, charger

Some of Kathrina Dankl’s key points of focus are aging and the challenges accompanying demographic changes in European countries. She strongly advocates for the presence of the elderly and images of aging in everyday life, culture, fashion and the media. With Lisa Elena Hampl she started the magazine Meet, which offers interviews with exceptional individuals from all age groups and very diverse backgrounds. Memento is a product family for people living with dementia, consisting of a notebook with an integrated pen, and a smartwatch. It aims to support the mastering of an active social life by giving an overview of the day and reinforcing participation in leisure activities. It also assists in everyday scenarios such as the handling of appointments and medication intake. The project is a pitch, a speculative proposition serving as an adaptable and expandable design concept for further contributions to the quality of life, care and wellbeing of people living with dementia.