Book Recomendations

Book Recomendations

As disinformation and distortion increase in the digital world, design can play a crucial role in supporting and promoting quality of information in an accessible way. This selection of books is a showcase of the most outstanding data design work, visual journalism and editorial design. The case studies presented illustrate how typography and infographics, illustration, skillful branding, attention to detail and human curiosity combine to create innovative news design and visual storytelling. We hope these resources will inspire art directors, designers and media professionals, as well as anyone interested in the world behind information visualisation.

Editorial Design and Infographics
Newspaper Design: Editorial Design from the World's Best Newsrooms. Javier Errea. Gestalten, Berlin. 2018.
Visual Journalism: Infographics from the World's Best Newsrooms and Designers. Javier Errea. Gestalten, Berlin. 2017.
The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine: Smart Editorial Design, Ideas and Journalism. Francesco Franchi, Christian Rocca. Gestalten, Berlin. 2016.
Designing News: Changing the World of Editorial Design and Information Graphics. Francesco Franchi. Gestalten, Berrlin. 2013.

Maps and Graphic Recording
Graphic Recording: Live Illustrations for Meetings, Conferences and Workshops. Anna Lena Schiller. Gestalten, Berlin. 2016.
The Map Design Toolbox: Time-Saving Templates for Graphic Design. Alexander Tibelius. Gestalten, Berlin. 2014.
Mind the Map: Creative Mapmaking and Cartography. Antonis Antoniou. Gestalten, Berlin. 2015.
A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers. Antonis Antoniou. Gestalten, Berlin. 2013.

History of Information Graphics. Sandra Rendgen, ed. Julius Wiedemann. Taschen, Cologne. 2019.
Understanding the World. The Atlas of Infographics. Sandra Rendgen, ed. Julius Wiedemann. Taschen, Cologne. 2014.