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Teaching Lies

Information crisis
Teaching Lies
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Paolo Patelli

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Rebekka Kiesewetter
Donato Ricci
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Workshop syllabus

Despite today’s abundance of information on the internet, the traditional schooling system still expects students to memorise, recall and optimise what they have been taught. Critical thinking, media literacy and digital engineering often remain the subject of specialised classes or are not included in the syllabus at all. Teaching Lies manifests itself as a “school of schools” that offers workshops and reading material on illusory deceptions for the designed modern world. It aims to develop strategies with which to identify, expose, discuss and make public common modes of deception. Based on collaborative and studio-based workshops, Patelli attempts to analyse and re-compose the rhetorical figures and material strategies behind communication, design, media, technology and art. Teaching Lies teaches us to scrutinise the post-factual conditions that infiltrate politics, design, art, the media and ultimately our daily lives.