George Orson Welles

F for Fake

Information crisis
F for Fake
George Orson Welles (USA)
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The film F for Fake was co-written, directed, and cast by Orson Welles in 1973. Its plot is recounting the career of the professional forger of artworks Elmyr de Hory and ironically questions the true value of art. The movie is a mix of documentary and essay, incorporating original footage about the notorious art forger himself and his biographer Clifford Irving, who himself was in the limelight for writing fake memoirs about Howard Hughes, interviews by people, who themselves were involved in forgery, and fake scenes that tricked the viewer into believing they were shot in real time. F for Fake is an unprecedented investigation into the art of forgery and authorship by rattling on the boundaries between real and fake information, between art and forgery, between the expert and the faker.