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Dunne & Raby (United Kingdom)
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Digicars is part of Dunne & Raby’s project United Micro Kingdoms (UmK): A Design Fiction. The designers have created an unspecified future in which England has been divided into four “micro kingdoms”: Digitarian, Commune-nuclearist, Anarcho-evolutionist and Bioliberal. “Digicars” are the designated transport system of the Digitarians, which are computer-controlled cars based on self-driving vehicles that transport the kingdom’s consumer-citizens using a variety of speeds, routes and comfort levels determined by a complex tariff system. Every square metre of road surface and every millisecond of access, at any moment, is monetised and optimised, navigating passengers economically and in an ecologically friendly manner. The pastel and neon cars are food for thought for future transport systems, which technologies are developing at full speed, and they will most definitely shape our cities in the future.