Giorgia Lupi

Data Humanism

Data Humanism
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Giorgia Lupi (Italy)
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Data Humanism is a visual manifestation of big data that, according to Giorgia Lupi, “doesn’t belong to a distant dystopian future; it’s a commodity and an intrinsic and iconic feature of our present  –  like dollars, concrete, automobiles, and Helvetica. The ways we relate to data are evolving more rapidly than we realize, and our minds and bodies are naturally adapting to this new hybrid reality built of both physical and informational structures. And visual design  –  with its power to instantly reach out to places in our subconscious without the mediation of language, and with its inherent ability to convey large amounts of structured and unstructured information across cultures  –  is going to be even more central to this silent but inevitable revolution.” In her manifesto, Lupi calls for a paradigmatic shift in how to present data visually through infographics that visualise information in comprehensive and creative designs, such as hand-drawn sketches. She finally concludes: “I believe we’re primed for the future. Let’s get started.”