Staš Vrenko

Loops in Transmission

Loops in Transmission
Staš Vrenko (Slovenia)

Production: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute


Wolfgang Ernst defines technologies whose temporalities can only be understood in the processuality of their temporal operations; that is, by dealing with the technical signals of algorithmic processes rather than analysing the content of cultural signs, such as time-critical media. Their temporalities disrupt the human perception of time and separate the time of human culture from that of technical media. Staš Vrenko’s project Loops in Transmission deals with technical media that, in addition to measuring and recording time, are also capable of manipulating the temporal axis and creating forms of temporality based on technological logic. It deals with the unperceivable temporal processes of technical media via a system of three identical audio devices designed to process audio and logical signals. The basis of individual devices are smartphone apps developed specifically for this purpose and expanded by a set of electronic circuits based on analogue-digital chips, which, by processing an electromagnetic signal (as a waveform), intervenes in the temporality of digital media (i.e., smartphone and mobile apps).