Michael Uwemedimo, Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP)

Chicoco Radio: Our Voice

Chicoco Radio: Our Voice
Courtesy of CMAP in Michael Uwemedimo
Michael Uwemedimo, Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP) (Nigeria)
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In 2016, Michael Uwemedimo initiated three community-based projects in Port Harcourt, Nigeria – People Live Here, the Human City Project and Chicoco Radio – in order to connect its citizens and to raise awareness about those slum communities, which were demolished due to political decisions. In the exhibition, visitors are able to listen to Chicoco Radio, a community-owned radio station that reaches 1.5 million people in the surroundings of Port Harcourt. The radio station was established in order to reach a diverse audience and serve a wide range of interests by addressing socially and politically critical topics as well as by including a variety of local and international music acts. With the Chicoco Radio and the Human City Project, Uwemedimo and his colleagues aim to reshape Port Harcourt by collaborating with marginalised communities and thus empower its citizens to participate meaningfully in civil society and subsequently create a “human city”.