Aljaž Vindiš

Objektivno No. 57: Heat

Objektivno No. 57: Heat
Aljaž Vindiš (Slovenia)
Poster reprint

Based on over 130 years of temperature measurements collected by NASA in this dataset, the graphic shows us how much the average annual temperature deviates from expected over time (horizontal) and in relation to latitude (vertical). Expected temperatures rise from ~ 1°C over a 145 km distance due to the different angle of incidence of the sun's rays from the pole to the equator. If the measurements deviated downwards (blue) or upwards (red), this is recorded in color.

Objektivno was the first dedicated and periodic endeavour into visual and data journalism in Slovenia. Produced by the graphic desk of the Slovene newspaper Dnevnik, it ran uninterrupted for 3,5 years, appearing weekly on the back page of Saturday supplement Objektiv. Different topics were chosen each week and the authors produced the features in full, from research to production.