Aljaž Vindiš

Objektivno No. 95: Turn of the European Dream

Objektivno No. 95: Turn of the European Dream
Aljaž Vindiš (Slovenia)
Poster reprint

Ever since Slovenia has entered the EU and the Eurozone, the popular voice has been that life has become much more expensive for its residents overall. We have collaborated with the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia to provide us with bespoke calculations of trends, expressing the cost of basic living goods in Slovenia as an index, relative to their value on the day of entry into the union and normalized to exclude the seasonal effects. In the thick black line we overlaid the average wage of a Slovene resident, calculated in the same manner. Additional annotations on the right offer readers with factual explanations for some of the surprising results.

Objektivno was the first dedicated and periodic endeavour into visual and data journalism in Slovenia. Produced by the graphic desk of the Slovene newspaper Dnevnik, it ran uninterrupted for 3,5 years, appearing weekly on the back page of Saturday supplement Objektiv. Different topics were chosen each week and the authors produced the features in full, from research to production.