Aljaž Vesel, Ajda Bevc

Objektivno No. 132: Rich as Half of the World

Objektivno No. 132: Rich as Half of the World
Aljaž Vesel, Ajda Bevc (Slovenia)
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Visualisation of 80 richest humans’ wealth based on Oxfam’s data from 2014. On the left side of the Sankey diagram they are mapped by source of their wealth, on the right side if they earned it themselves or if they inherited it. The list of people in the middle is separated by homeland and, within it, by size of each person’s wealth in billions of euros. Each person is also annotated by their gender, to expose the disproportionate amount of men in the list, and short info, if the person is not known to the general public. The graphic is supplemented with two short commentaries: the left one about the cumulative wealth in the list exceeding that of over 3.6 billion people (half of the world) and the right one about the exponential growth in inequality, as defined by the 1% versus 99%.

Objektivno was the first dedicated and periodic endeavour into visual and data journalism in Slovenia. Produced by the graphic desk of the Slovene newspaper Dnevnik, it ran uninterrupted for 3,5 years, appearing weekly on the back page of Saturday supplement Objektiv. Different topics were chosen each week and the authors produced the features in full, from research to production.