Mark Porter

Editorial Design Case Studies

Editorial Design Case Studies
Courtesy of Mark Porter
2006, 2018, 2019
Mark Porter (United Kingdom)
The Guardian, 2006, newspaper Domus, 2018, magazine Nature, 2019, magazine Mark Porter (United Kingdom)

What was once a very well-defined discipline, editorial design, concerned with information organisation, typefaces and grid systems for a printed daily newspaper or magazine, has become much more complicated and complex in the digital era. Mark Porter, one of the most influential news and editorial designers in the world, does not define himself as such anymore. After working in the industry for more than three decades, he increasingly sees himself as a media designer and storyteller rather than a news designer. His projects are about creating and developing visual identities that can transcend individual products and adapt to a variety of platforms. Always systematic, precise and obsessed with alignments and distances, his projects are a solid tool kit for editorial use. The greatest challenges of journalism nowadays range from financial limitations, to competition for one's attention by multi-platforms and various channels in print or digital, to the most important of all: credibility. To counteract the loss of confidence in news journalism, argues Mark Porter, design is a great ally to editorial content in order to maintain quality standards and win back the trust of the audience.
Case studies exhibited outline strategies for three different publications: the independent UK newspaper The Guardian; the iconic architecture and design magazine Domus; and the most important science magazine in the world, Nature