Joris Verleg

My First Vlog

My First Vlog
Courtesy of Joris Verleg
Joris Verleg (Netherlands)

Nowadays, everyone can be a reporter. You always carry a video/photo camera and recording equipment with you. In My First Vlog, Joris Verleg shows what this might lead to. Among millennials, traditional opinion makers and media figures have been replaced by influential vloggers. Tips about gaming, fashion and makeup, but also familiar uncertainties and vulnerable moments, such as coming out, are shared with fans on YouTube. Joris Verleg collected the first vlogs of new vloggers with various backgrounds and interests. It is an intriguing collection of people who may imitate their idol or confidently try to hold the viewer's attention.

Selection from the exhibition The New Newsroom - Reporting Redesigned of MU artspace, Eindhoven.
The presentation of this project was enabled by the Dutch Embassy in Ljubljana.