Todd McLellan

Things Come Apart

Things Come Apart
Todd McLellan (Canada)
Book Things Come Apart 2.0 (New York: Thames & Hudson), Video (00:01:00)

In Things Come Apart, Todd McLellan dismantles the inner workings of everyday objects or iconic designs, like an iPod, a toaster, or a watch, and reveals the behind-the-scenes of their mechanics and designs. The book presents either painstakingly organised images of these objects, or photographs of them during the act of exploding. McLellan thus reverses the process of production and displays how things function in an aesthetically pleasing way. The act of disassembling the objects, arranging them in precise compositions, and finally documenting these processes offers a unique view into the mechanics behind everyday devices and how their components come together. Things Come Apart contemplates the convenience of things that are often taken for granted.