Neri Oxman

The Krebs Cycle of Creativity

The Krebs Cycle of Creativity
©Neri Oxman
Neri Oxman (Israel, United States)
Diagram reprint

In her article The Age of Entanglement, which was published in the inaugural edition of the Journal of Design and Science (JoDS) by MIT Press in 2016, Neri Oxman expounds on how science, design, engineering and art are entangled with each other in our day and age. With the text she seeks to draw a map of these four domains of creative exploration, which she tries to maintain through the visualisation of creative energy that she calls the The Krebs Cycle of Creativity. Behind this theory lies the idea that knowledge cannot be solely ascribed to, or produced within, disciplinary boundaries, but should be intertwined with different disciplines. Oxman thus tries to establish a genealogy of the interrelation between science, design, engineering and art, where one discipline can transform the other and where an individual being or project can reside in multiple realms.